ANZAC Day’s ‘real’ VIPs

Thursday April 11, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Kia Orana Editor,

With Anzac Day soon coming around for another year, let us hope that organisers finally realise who the actual Very Important People are.


No it is not the dignitaries who sit comfortably under their marquees, although they should of course be accorded due deference.

Rather the real VIPs are those men and women, ex-service personnel, mostly older now, who are proud and willing to get up before dawn, stand in line, and wait for their turn to march in the Dawn Parade.

They show their respect to their fallen comrades of yesteryear, irrespective of which conflict was involved; and their often younger family representatives, who are proud to accompany their ex- service grandparents.

In past years, there have been hold-ups to the programme because one or two “VIPs“ are late in arriving in their motorcades … this is totally unacceptable, because they are making the real VIPs wait.

Lest we Forget.

(Name and address supplied)

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