Something backwards here over bongs

Saturday March 23, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

The recent court case refers where the defendant was fined $800 for having a bong.


Taking the story on its face value, there was no charge of using the bong to smoke a restricted drug (as opposed to smoking cancer-causing tobacco), and no charge as to possession of a restricted drug. Just how out of date can our laws be that just having such a device can result in five years in jail?

You can walk into multiple shops in New Zealand and buy a bong over the counter.

This writer cannot help but compare such a punishment to the punishments that we see given out time after time to alcohol-abusing men who beat the living daylights out of their spouse or girlfriend and end up paying $20 in court fees and $30 to cover the hospital fees.

Is something backwards here?

Our law-making leaders, our church leaders, having been urged year after year, decade after decade, through this same newspaper to do the right thing, to say enough is enough, yet do absolutely nothing.

Shame on our politicians and shame on our pastors.

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