Ocean needs our care

Monday December 31, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Ocean needs our care

Dear Editor,

Seabed exploration and exploitation, overfishing, pollution (coastal and habitat destruction), climate change-including warming waters and ocean acidification...


Whatever the individual issue is, the link to them all is the ocean and there is undeniable, irrefutable and container-loads of data to confirm that the ocean is currently unhealthy and under severe stress. 

Does the Cook Islands enter into an industry right now to add to that ill health? 

That is the question Cook Islanders have to ask themselves and what everyone, worldwide, has to ask themselves before making decisions about marine resources. 

For the handful of people that are fully informed and support this move, there are exponential amounts of fully informed people against such an accelerated push for this industry to develop. 

Some will say this issue has been around for decades and that is true. But we know more now about the direct link of human progress and the ocean’s health and the behaviour shift required to bring it back to good health.  

What the ocean’s function offers the world is much more valuable than money and Pacific Islanders know that better than many. Kia mataora koe i teia Mata’iti ‘Ou,

Teina Mackenzie


Te Ipukarea Society and Marae Moana Council member

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