Nothing much under Nandi’s new clothes

Wednesday December 05, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Nothing much under Nandi’s new clothes

Dear Editor,

A te kerearako ua koe e Nandi: You are like the “kerearako.” a big talker who makes a lot of noise, toa para vaa ua, a hero by mouth but not by actions.

Because when you had the chance, what did you do for Atiu? Nothing - no road sealing, no power, no water tanks. Instead, you enjoyed the $30,000 trips to Geneva so you could get your photo taken and fluff your feathers like the moa.

Now look, a young girl has punched you off your perch, and still you have no ears to hear the people say enough, or eyes to see that they have chosen another vaa to speak for them.

You and your merry band of para para, speak now for the people and for change but when you had the chance to make change you totally failed and didn’t carry out the change you now ask for.

Please don’t insult us by now wearing a new coat, a new robe called the United Party, when underneath that robe is the same no ears, same no eyes and the same no ideas. Our people of Atiu deserve better and they have made their voice loud and clear so have the people of the Cook Islands.

Retire, do your studies, enjoy planting your taro, but leave the leadership of our beautiful Enuamanu and of our country alone. Because you can’t get an old dog to learn new tricks – or employ the old ways to build a new house.

            Truth Seeka

            (Name and address supplied)

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