Protocol upset behind forum issue

Monday October 29, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On October 15 there was an official opening of the Nurses Forum at the National Auditorium.


Apparently government paid for the whole forum, and the Nurses’ Association organised the opening event.

The only Cabinet ministers and wives who arrived were Rose Brown, Mac Mokoroa and George Maggie.

Obviously the people in charge of protocol were not advised of the invitation list as the Queen’s Representative and the remaining Cabinet ministers did not arrive, and there were a large number of empty chairs.

There was even an attempt to move dignitaries around in empty chairs!

I’ll bet the QR was unhappy at not receiving an invitation as he likes to attend all these functions and is respected for doing so.

I believe protocol was again broken by the Nurses’ Association when they held a presentation right in front of the dignitaries and obviously without prior advice. I know that, because I could see them talking about it.

The whole exercise seemed to me to be a case of one of the nurses undermining protocol and slighting the Health minister and secretary.

The events that happened on the night led me to suspect that a past minister and his wife may have also been involved.

A sad beginning to what was I believe was a successful forum over all.


                         (Name and address supplied)

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