Clearer distance markers welcomed

Wednesday September 19, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,


Those vague, second-rate pink/orange strips painted at each kilometre mark around Rarotonga  for the benefit of our Annual Round Raro Road Race runners have been in place for the last week or so, but in my opinion, were poorly done.

Thank goodness someone was prompted to paint the actual kilometre number in white next to the very unclear original line. It must have been laziness or a lack of race experience and race administration in such a tough event that prompted the original road marker to try and get away with such a shoddy job.

Our annual big road race event deserves better than that. If you have ever been in such an event, you will know that anything that allows the runner to focus purely on the event, and not spend time trying to figure out where they are in the circuit, takes a bit more stress out of the event.

Thankfully someone woke up in time.

            Andy Olah

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