Demos the really slippery ones...

Tuesday September 11, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
Would-be PM Selina Napa. 18091018 Would-be PM Selina Napa. 18091018

Dear Editor,

I see the unhappy Demo supporters are already on the attack, accusing our Cook Islands Party leader of being a “slippery eel”.

In reality, the only thing that is slippery is an election win for the Demos. For the past eight years this eel has slipped out of their hands and they have lost two elections in a row.

This particular slippery eel has been made more slippery by constant infighting and jostling for who wants to be the Demo Party boss. Even Sel Napa has a Facebook page promoting her as the next PM. Hellooo…I guess that slippery eel slipped out of her hands too.

Then there is slippery eel James Beer, who slipped out of sight after a failed petition, and slippery eel Tama who dodged a bullet and slimed his way out of a petition. The only slippery eel left is the Demo parliamentary leader William “Smiley” Heather who slipped into silence once the election had finished and, Tina Browne, who slipped back into the courtroom.

Watch the eels in a barrel now fight each other for who should be boss with their “media man”, George Pitt, ready to slime his way in there too. E Demos, you are not fit to lead a country when you can’t lead your own party. Time to drain the swamp of your many eels and hangers-on.

Come on Demos, time to take a hard look at yourselves. Maybe if you spent more time looking at what you did wrong and throwing slimy insults you wouldn’t be steering down the slimy eel barrel of being in opposition for 12 years. Must be one slippery eel you wished you didn’t have to handle.

As George Gregan said to the All Blacks when they lost the World Cup, “Four more years boys, four more years”.

            Truth Seeka

            (Name and address supplied)

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