Voting with no ID

Monday June 18, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I was a scrutineer in these elections and I want to report to the public that I saw a significant number of people coming into the polling booth and being able to vote when their names did not appear on either of the two electoral rolls and without showing any proof of identity.

No request was made to prove who they were.

Some of these voters I know, but most of them I don’t, and I have lived in my constituency all my life.

When we meet at the Electoral Office to ask about this, we still won’t know who these people are, we won’t know whether the person who voted is the same person that completed the registration paper unless a photograph of that person was taken at the same time as when they voted, and that did not happen.

I know speaking with other polling booth scrutineers that they experienced the same. It seems to me our system allows too many loopholes for corruption.

            Rarotonga Scrutineer

            (Name and address supplied)

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