Mystery over notices issued to college students

Monday June 18, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In your issue of June 6 it was reported that police issuing “tickets” to Tereora students for failing to produce a drivers licence.

On the Police Facebook page the expressions “infringement notices” and “offending students" were used.

The relevant section of the Transport Act states that a licence must be produced on demand.

But more importantly, it goes on to say that the section is deemed to be complied with if the licence is produced within seven days at the place nominated by the officer.

So it follows that it is not an offence to fail to produce a licence when demanded, but it is an offence to fail to do so within seven days.

Therefore the students at that time were not “offending” or infringing the law.

A police spokesman informed me that what the students received was a Minor Offence Notice. If that is correct, then that is not right either.

 No offence, minor or otherwise, had then been committed. Failing to produce within 7 days is a minor offence, attracting a penalty of $40.

What the students should have received is a notice informing them that they had seven days to produce the licence, and perhaps the consequence of not doing so.

I remain curious to know just what exactly they did receive.

            Mike Mitchell

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