Grappling with issues in the electorate

Wednesday June 06, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Last week, on Thursday May 31, I had my campaign launch at the Takuvaine Meeting House, which was attended by about 40 people, who with others bought out all the plates of food we had on sale.

It was an event enjoyed by all who came to hear me talk of my hopes and plans for Takuvaine/Parekura/Tutakimoa/Teotue/Tauae, with a great question and answer session.

I extend my thanks and gratitude to the co-president of the Democratic Party, Tupuo Faireka, and his wife Tuakana, and to my fellow teamsters from RAPPA, Dr Teina Rongo and his wife Jackie, and chairperson Ake Utanga, who took time from their busy campaigning schedule to support me.

Thanks to the Pu Tapere, Tekura Potoru, for his welcoming speech and for the many issues he raised, one of which was, “What will the Demos do for the old people?”

We referred Mr Putoru to the Demo manifesto on page two, section one, sub-section (d), that appropriately dealt with that issue of caring for the elderly in our local communities.

On a question from the audience, “Why renovate the Meeting House now, and not before?”, I explained that I was elected the fundraising chairman for Te Kapuanga meeting house a few years ago and I was ready to start the ball rolling, but two weeks later I was replaced. Since then, nothing has been done to renovate our Metuavaine.

So I have decided this would be as good a time as any to attend to one of the many projects I wish to grapple with in our electorate, if given the opportunity.

To my people, I humbly request your support and that you give me a chance to serve you and those most vulnerable in our community, from our children to our metua pakari.

My door is open 24/7 to you all in our tapere. Together, I believe, we can make it happen!

            Teokotai George

            Takuvaine-Tutakimoa               Democratic Party Candidate

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