Smiley’s Ruaau launch an event to remember

Wednesday May 16, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor
William “Smiley” Heather. 18051547 William “Smiley” Heather. 18051547

Dear Editor,

On the afternoon of Saturday May 12, William “Smiley” Heather held his official Ruaau puna launch in Arorangi, announcing his intention to once again stand as a Democratic Party candidate for the constituency of Ruaau in next month’s General Election.

Following the solemn opening words and prayer by orometua Tinirau Soatini, it was Papa Avaiki  Aperau’s turn to weave his enlightening words of welcome, wonderment and encouragement, to those who turned up to support Heather during this most special and auspicious occasion. I believe that on June 14 he will be returned as Ruaau’s successful Demo MP, re-elected to again serve his people in a new and caring Democratic Party government, ready to rebuild our Te Ipukarea paradise!

And what an occasion it was. A great crowd of people turned up, all eager to get stuck into huge plates of kai-their kai to take back home, intent on returning later to witness Smiley speak of his future plans for his people of Ruaau.

Great music was provided by Harry Tumupu and his lovely partner “Angel.” they sang some lovely “oldies but goodies”, including numbers by the late great New Zealand Maori “prince”, Tui Teka. Their music brought back many great memories, and had us happily singing along, clapping our hands and tapping our feet.

“To tatou iti tangata, to tatou ia tango/Our people, our foundation,” - humble words eloquently spoken by Ruaau’s Demo Candidate, William “Smiley” Heather. He said: “Our people are my priority, our people are my passion!”

As a genuine “people’s person”, Smiley’s heart is well and truly in the future of the Cook Islands and its people. You could tell that by his passionate assurances to his people of how he, like his Democratic Party’s 2018 policy manifesto outline, will steadily and slowly rebuild our country and institute solid workable policies, for the social and economic well-being of our people and our country. 

There were big smiles all around from Smiley’s satisfied supporters. A great evening had by all, with our dedicated card players yet to come on board, once their housie obligations are completed.

As for the delicious kai, what else can we say? More than 200 plates, all sold out! Some 150-plus people popped in to buy the yummy kai. The card players missed out, but next Friday, Team Smiley will make sure that there’s more than enough kai to go around.

As the evening continued, Akaoa Demo candidate Nooroa Baker and wife Sue, plus their Akaoa committee team arrived to join and celebrate with their Demo colleague, Smiley and his loyal supporters. The Murienua Demo candidate James Beer and wife Adinda and their team of committee members were also there to share in the festivities, not wanting to miss out on supporting their Demo colleague. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

A lovely evening was had by all who came to share this special time with Smiley and his hard working committee.

Congratulations for a job well done, and we’re all really looking forward to Friday’s event, as well! “Time for change. Our people, our priority. Demo way, the only way!”

            Papa Williams

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