CIP need to stop making it happen

Saturday May 12, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Reading the Friday, May 4 issue of the CINews daily paper, caretaker PM Puna typically displays his usual arrogance, with gloating approval of his CIP government’s appalling track record over the past seven years, his very own comments becoming an open and scathing indictment of past and current incompetencies as government.

As far as Puna and co were concerned, there were no limits nor boundaries set when it came to telling ever more elaborate and outlandish lies and porkies to us, especially when it came to covering up their poor performance as government!

Now he even has the temerity of expressing ‘just how well’ they’ve served our country and our people!

Only if you mean by increased depopulation as a result of failure to institute feasible economic policies to help build our economy. Then indeed, ‘You made it happen!’

The arrogant cheek of the man! Puna will most likely go down in history as the most unpopular, dictatorial and arrogant Cook Islands PM in our modern-day history!

He has a well-known vindictive and venomous streak, and also a penchant for openly telling porkies to the masses, ladled with big doses of deceit and disrespect as the leader of our country – a country that has never before had the misfortune of having the quality of a PM of such ilk, governing our paradise like the dictator he is!

The fact that he and caretaker finance minister Mark Brown continue to deceive and mislead us with assurances of how well off we are financially, simply shows the depths they are prepared to go to just to remain in office.

Their strategy? Simply telling ever more porkies to us, and to just continue to LIE! Yes, this CIP government certainly continues to just ‘Make it happen!’ alright, by simply ignoring us and lying to us!

‘Where is the Money?’ has been a persistent and ongoing query we have been asking for months now, and yet all we’re told is that, “Everything’s great!”

We’ve a booming tourism industry (yet no primary industry of any note creating local jobs!); at one time we had a $22m surplus, now we’ve got a $55m surplus; and now we have a capital underspend of some $8.22m (and it’s not “surplus revenue” either, Mark Brown!)

But, pray tell, just how much do we have now?

As for the $5.1m core tax writeoff – yes, of course it was done for our economic wellbeing, not yours and your cronies, eh? (Sure, we believe you...)

Now we even have cash reserves – really, from where?

And finally, according to Brown, our country’s national debt is only $120m – or so he says. And really, why should we believe him and his usual lies?

Again, it goes without saying that yes, you really made it happen! But frankly, you need to STOP making it happen!

Yes, all these outright lies of deceit, misinformation and deception just continue to roll off the silky yet venomous tongue of the ever-smooth and charismatic Puna, someone who is intent on further ruining our country and doing permanent and irreparable harm to our people.

And this harm is already well underway in the form of massive depopulation, which has been exacerbated by the continuation of this CIP government and their inability to rule this country with good, true governance, and simple truth and honesty to our people!

And they wonder why we despise them and really wish to kick them out of office?

Puna’s very own tragic track record as PM speaks for itself, clearly and openly indicting he and his government.

They just continue perpetually lying to us, without even batting an eyelid, and without any conscionable consideration of the potential repercussions of their deliberately intended actions whatsoever!

High-profile examples of Puna’s arrogance and dismissive disregard include the controversy of his performance as PM when he caustically dismissed our anti-purse seine petition containing many thousands of our people’s signatures, gathered nationwide in a show of unity that proved the very legitimate concerns we all have for our precious fisheries resource, and especially our valuable but vulnerable tuna stocks.

Ignoring and casually dismissing our concerns, Puna went ahead and signed the EU Purse Seine Agreement with scant regard for our petition, showing the nature of the man who cares little for our very legitimate concerns, nor the collective and very raw emotions involved from all our fellow petitioners and supporters!

Enough is enough! They ignored us big-time – now we must ignore them. Time for change – vote Demo!

            Patriotic Cook Islander

            (Name and address supplied)

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