Voters should ponder issues

Friday May 11, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

During a visit to Rarotonga a couple of years ago, landowners from Manihiki threatened the government that damage would be carried out on newly installed solar panels on their island if they were not given lease or rent monies while they were in Rarotonga.


It was claimed by some at the time that they simply wanted money to go shopping.

Money was duly handed over by the government, but there was no follow-up to confirm their eligibility or ownership rights. These monies were taxpayer funds and should have been investigated by police. Nothing happened!

The prime minister and health minister were each involved in separate motor accidents. In neither case were there any police reports or prosecutions. Members of the general public are regularly in court on charges of dangerous driving causing injury and are duly convicted. The words, “Rules for some but not all”, come to mind.

Meanwhile, an amount of money has been sitting idle for some time while government decided how to use it to subsidise shipping to the northern islands. The subsidy began recently, but has already been criticised by shipping service owners. While the government was considering implementing the subsidy, the northern group islands regularly ran out of supplies causing hardship for residents.

The government increased VAT by 2.5 per cent so that it is now 15 per cent. This is simply a further increase in the already high cost of living. Justification for this increase was somewhat sketchy. More of a money grab, I believe.

The situations I have highlighted only some of the problems brought upon the people of the Cook Islands by this present government.

People of the Cook Islands, it’s time to decide if this government is worthy of a further term at the helm. In my opinion, a “yes” answer would be a disaster for the country and the future.

            Muri Voter

            (Name and address supplied)

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