Reap what ye sow

Friday May 04, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I write to correct Wilkie Rassmussen’s reply to my accusation of being betrayed by the Democratic Party.


As it turned out, there were two Democratic Party factions in Tengatangi, Areora and Ngatiarua – my lot and the other lot.

The Demo leadership chose to recognise the other lot, who I believe were completely soaked in Taoro Brown’s overwhelming hospitality.

Both sides were made up of a mixture of CIP and Demos, but the Demo leadership chose Taoro Brown’s faction.

The CIPs are much smarter – they eliminated a potentially disastrous association with Taoro Brown and his wife Rose. May the Demos reap what they sow in accepting Taoro Strickland Brown.

Demos, all of your actions will blow up in your face ultimately. I am happy not to be part of the Demos, now and forever.

Incidentally Editor, why did you allow a cowardly smoke signaller to attack me in yesterday’s paper? People who do not allow their names to be published should not be allowed to make personal attacks.

Incidentally, I volunteered to stop practising in the land court division, and I can apply to practise again whenever I choose, I am not banned for life.

My business setbacks in the past were peanuts compared to recent business failures running into the millions of dollars.

I suspect the smoke signaller has a shady reputation himself – get out of the crevasses you cockroach!

I will not answer any further correspondence on the Demos’ bad decision against me, or creeps making anonymous remarks about me.

                Norman George

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