Questions asked around dance scoring

Friday May 04, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I applaud the person ‘Passionate Cook Islander’ who wrote a letter to the editor of CINews about the Dancer of the Year contest.


I believe dishonest judges have been around for a long time. We as parents are unable to query information on talk that circulates around the scores and judging, only their tutors and then to no satisfaction.

I want to speak up but evidence, not stories that we hear, would get results.

Like my daughter – she was in the intermediate section last Thursday.

She won the slowbeat dance and the costume award and came second overall. That night the overall winner was announced, followed by second and then third – straight after that we heard my daughter had the highest points for that section and should have been the winner. Of course we were all in shock.

The next day information regarding the judging came to light. The fastbeat section was between my daughter and the young Aitutakian girl, but it was awarded to my daughter by the judges on the point system.

But then, according to hearsay, the three so-called judges gave it to the announced winner to enable her to take the first placing with only one winning category, the fastbeat.

As my daughter won two categories, to just give her second place…

Now, all this is hearsay, even though the talk was circulating for days after. And on top of that, the male winner should not have been awarded it because his routine did not have some requirements needed – whereas one young fella did but the announcement did not reward this young guy.

Instead it was given to the announced winner. How? Another wrongdoing by so-called judges.

And yes, the story of the young junior girl adding to the intermediate girl winner who was tutored by the mother of the junior winner and intermediate boys’ winner, giving them a clean sweep of the night.

I wanted to query what I had been hearing but was told that only a tutor can get results – but nothing happens?

I heard that there would be a meeting regarding all this, but nothing.

I also heard from someone that was on the panel but just calculated the scores and believes my daughter should have won, and the young intermediate boy who had gained the points but did not receive the winning title.

So in the end, we have children who work so hard to put their routines together, parents who pay so much to buy the resources to make the costumes – and then this kind of thing happens and no one says anything, with our children believing what happens is normal practice.

Who wins in the end? Not the children. They are our future and they keep our culture alive.

                Marie Borrell

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