Back road digging causes more problems

Friday April 20, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I hope that any further digging alongside the back road in Tikioki will receive proper assessment to avoid wasting limited resources on unnecessary activities.


The current digging along the back road, supposedly to facilitate water movement during periods of heavy downpour, is causing more damage than good.

The existing landscape and drainage system along the back road in my area is adequate to remove excess water during a heavy downpour. The nicely-established lawn alongside the road is necessary to hold the soil intact and the digging and removal of this lawn can lead to further soil erosion and more problems.

In some areas, the digging is quite deep so it will be difficult to drive across the drain to access adjacent properties. At the same time, it is also cumbersome for the roadside cleaners to trim the lawn in these areas.

Our back roads in many areas around the island are quite narrow and will not accommodate two vehicles travelling in opposite directions and often one has to give way. With the deepening of the sides, many vehicle owners, especially of smaller cars, would be quite reluctant to move to the side in case they end up in the drain.

What really needed to be done after the heavy rain was the removal and leveling of gravel washed onto the backroad from the private and in-roads.   

                Tikioki Resident

                (Name and address supplied) 

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