Outer islands need doctors

Friday April 20, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

A number of decisions made by this present government over the last two terms of parliament have affected some, if not all Cook Islanders and were enacted despite serious protests from various sectors of the public.


This is another in a series of letters highlighting those decisions:

None of the outer islands except for Aitutaki now have resident doctors.

Now nurse practitioners are expected to be suitably trained to cope with normal complaints. However, I believe their training is minimal and more difficult cases are referred to specialist in Rarotonga using mobile phone or Skype.

These systems are not reliable in the outer islands and can be slow to access. The time taken to refer cases to Rarotonga and then transfer a patient to hospital can be an extremely lengthy process which can be detrimental to the patient. I believe a more urgent response is really required.

                Muri Voter

                (Name and address supplied)

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