PM Puna supporting Maggie for Maraerenga

Friday February 23, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Two weeks ago on radio we heard the Don of Maraerenga probe the Minister of Finance Mark Brown on the subject of the Cook Islands Party candidate for Tupapa Maraerenga and whether he and the Prime Minister Henry Puna are involved in the selection process of the candidate for the constituency.


Minister Brown responded by saying that he is not involved in the selection process of the candidate – it is for the constituency committee to select the candidate, but Prime Minister Henry Puna can be involved in his capacity as leader of the party.

We are disturbed to hear that our party leader, the Prime Minister Henry Puna, does not want a selection process in Tupapa Maraerenga to field a candidate but urges party supporters to support the convicted criminal and incumbent Member of Parliament, George Maggie Angene, to be the party candidate in the upcoming elections.

We would like to make it known that we do not agree with the leader in urging party supporters to accept Maggie as the candidate.

In our own minds we are convinced the party leader and Maggie have done a deal. It was very evident this week and last week how much support Maggie gave the Prime Minister in parliament and that’s despite Maggie being part of the opposition.

We can only assume that the leader Prime Minister Puna has promised Maggie membership reinstatement to the Cook Islands Party?

If that is the leader’s wish, we can assure him to expect defections from the party.


            (Name and address supplied)

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