You didn’t go far enough

Friday February 23, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Re ‘If you don’t like it then go back home’ in CINews Feb 21 – right on brother, but you didn’t go far enough.


It’s time to tell all those coconuts bludging on the welfare, health and medical system in New Zealand to get their butts back home too, and why should they expect equal pay and workers’ rights in New Zealand where the wages are higher and the air fresher?

Let them go home too dammit! Hold on – they actually have a few equal rights laws to cover that sort of thing eh?

While you’re on a roll, let’s put a stop to all the aid from New Zealand, Australia, India, Germany, the EU, Canada, Japan, etc – because you know those buggers will want something in return eh?

Please Mr Cook Islander, move into this century, quit being a Neanderthal, and accept a little light and humanity into your tiny world.

By the way, can you spell N-A-Z-I?

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