An apology from CINews

Thursday February 15, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

You had published in the February 12, 2018 issue of the Cook Islands News a letter written by Tupuna Rakanui, Clerk of the House of Ariki.


That letter addressed a public concern about the rupe and the possible decline in the population of this pigeon.

The letter was informative, questioning whether this concern was valid but at the same time showing that the House of Ariki wished to be informed of, was concerned about, and was open-minded on the matter.

But the letter had above it the bold, completely gratuitous and condescending heading, ‘Pontificating on a possible pigeon problem’. A person who pontificates expresses his opinion in a pompous or dogmatic way. Mr Rakanui’s letter was measured and did not have these qualities.

Either the person who chose this headline simply wished to be offensive or didn’t understand the meaning of the words used. To give your newspaper the benefit of the doubt we should assume the latter.

Either way Mr Rakanui deserves an apology.

Yours faithfully,

            Brian Mason

Editor: The Cook Islands News unreservedly apologises to Mr Tupuna Rakanui for its poor choice of headline – the word in question was misused and in no way was any offence meant..

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