Questions to MP go unanswered

Wednesday January 17, 2018 Published in Letters to the Editor

Thank you Danny Mataroa for your letter (CI News, January 15).


It appears the Member of Parliament George Maggie has asked you to front up on his behalf to explain the whereabouts of the Chinese tractor and agriculture equipment. It was actually MP Maggie who was challenged to call a public meeting of Tupapa Maraerenga to explain.

Those questions still remain unanswered, including the one regarding the whereabouts of the constituency money ($60,000), because over recent time the tractor and equipment has not been seen. It appears to be somehow missing. I would still like the MP to call that public meeting and it must be advertised through the media outlets and not by word of mouth. Come on Maggie, call the meeting. I’m sure there will be other questions!

Back to the Mataroa’s letter and I make the following points: The Chinese tractor was handed by Repeta Puna for government over to MP Maggie not 10 years ago, but in 2011 and the handover ceremony was a big affair.

Mataroa says the tractor was donated to the Tupapa Growers’ Association. Does he really mean the Tupapa Maraerenga Growers’ Association, which has been struck off the Incorporated Societies Register since 1983?

Mataroa also says John Kamana has often driven the tractor past my place. In that case, obviously he must have been going into or returning from town. What is the tractor doing going to and from town?

Since my letter of January 13 some growers have told me that they’ve had to hire tractors from other villages and this has been the case for the last several months, including last week. Regarding the other Chinese-supplied agriculture equipment, Mataroa says the owner is the Te Tango Enua O Tupapa – Cook Islands Food Security Self Reliance Group Inc, which was incorporated on October 22, 2015. The founding 15 members’ signatures were witnessed by the MP George Angene (Maggie).

Nothing wrong with that, but it does reek of politics because there is only one notable grower - Danny Mataroa himself, amongst those 15 names.

I have had a quick read of their constitution and it appears the executive can decide who is entitled to use this equipment. So again I ask MP Maggie, where is the Chinese agriculture equipment given to the Tupapa Maraerenga people?

By the way, I did not see any accounts on this organisation’s file showing its financial position and assets which should show all the Chinese agriculture equipment. Is the reality that they’ve actually been sold?

I think Mataroa got the wrong end of the stick in regards to my letter being “politicking”. My letter was pitched in support of the letter-writer “Grass Cutter” for the MP to be accountable to his electorate. Mataroa is the only one who has politicised Grass Cutter’s questions and my request for a properly-called public meeting.

Let me also address the author of the smoke signal, headlined “MP Maggie so good, they should name a street after him”. For your information I have never said or written anything nasty about Maggie. What I have presented in this forum is factual.

If his burning down the courthouse and important land records leads you say, “It’s people like George Maggie that make this country”, it makes you no different to Rori, who wants to celebrate that event.

And no! I don’t think Maggie should not have a street named after him. We don’t need another eyesore.

            William Framhein

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