‘We’re sick of seeing rubbish’

Wednesday October 11, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Through your newspaper we hope to get some answers from whoever is the appropriate department within government.


For some time now the rubbish accumulated at the bottom of Aroko Drive in Muri has been left at roadside for sometimes over a week whilst the rest of Muri rubbish is collected (three times a week).

In Aroko Drive there are 25 residential properties. Three of these are at present unoccupied. Of the remaining properties seven are owner-occupied. The rest are rental properties and/or tourist accommodation with high occupancy rates.

Tourists do not have the same interest in rubbish disposal as the house owners. Therefore the sorting of rubbish is not a priority and all sorts of disposables end up in the rubbish bins.

The contractor being paid to collect the rubbish says that if the rubbish is not sorted they will not collect it. But they are being paid to do just that. Eventually this situation will become a health hazard, and this needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Who can we talk to who will take some responsibility for this situation?

            Stu Maxwell

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