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Thursday September 14, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Tim Tepaki's letter to the editor of CI News of September 11 is a fine example of what MOP supporter Mata Tutai was talking about, regarding my recent letter to CINews that was critical of this $300 million "soft loan development fund", purportedly for the MOP Juggernaut's explicit use, as already explained by Tim Tepaki.


That Kiwi classic song Under Pressure really does seem appropriate in this situation.

Yes Mata Tutai, like other writers of letters to the editor of CINews,  I welcome criticism of my letters, because it usually leads to dialogue and debate, particularly when it involves contentious issues affecting our people and our beautiful, safe, paradise Te Ipukarea, the apple of our eyes!

I'm so sorry to burst your bubble, TT, but I really do write my own letters myself, and with Raro being only a small place, the "resort-buying gang and their guide" weren't going to be under the radar for very long, were they? Look at the "World Mission Society Church of God" group, as an example.

TT, take a chill-pill buddy, because if our whanau continues to hound and criticise me again and again, it's usually because they're trying to tell me something that I really, really do need to know, that's all.

And whanau and public opinion will always win. Period. Think about it!

Anyway, do us all a big favour and get the cash from Mata Tutai and his Ariki whanau, because as he's in- dicated, he's a big landowner with connections.

And like he said,"go forward, die forward to the end!"

            Really cracks me up!

            Papa Williams


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