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MOP development plan cause for concern

Wednesday September 13, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Thank you Mata Tutai for your irrational reply to my letter of Tuesday September 5.


I didn't suggest that MOP's objectives were "pie in the sky", but hey, you said it, not me.

I simply expressed my dismay at the thought of an MOP development proposal, where many of our own people may in fact consider it an "Ambitious dream short of credible", as articulately explained by CINews letter writer George Turia, in September 7’s CI News.

Please analyse GT's letter to comprehend why he is correct and why most of our people have serious concerns with this "development fund" offer, and its long-term ramifications. These ramifications may very well prove to be the ruin of our tiny paradise island nation.

Even smoke signallers’ comments appear scathing of the proposed use of this $300 million "development fund" for MOP, as announced by Tim Tepaki in CINews on Saturday, September 2.

Envy? Grow a brain! That's all. The fact that you have highlighted the reality that our whole country and people will be accountable for that $300 million to be used for MOP's proposal will give our people the opportunity to show their support for this MOP "pie in the sky" proposal (as you called it), or just condemn this concept all together, as absolute and utter lunacy!  

I'm sorry my lineage is not as impressive as yours, and I'm not a Rarotongan landowner, as you have so generously revealed.

However, my tipuna on my Ngapuhi/Ngatiwhatua/Waikato Maori lineage, was the ferocious and legendary warrior, Ngapuhi chieftain Hongi Hika, from the Bay of Islands, his village of Kaihiki, at Te Puna inlet where my mother was born, as were her father and his ancestors, with connections to many others including Ngati Kuri, Ngati Rehia, Ngati Torehina and Ngati Hine.

He was also one of the first signatories to the "Treaty of Waitangi" and visited England with missionary Thomas Kendall (the pakeha tutor who educated him the "pakeha's world"). With Chief Waikato, he decided in 1820 to visit King George IV, to discuss issues of this "Waitangi Treaty".

My Cook Islands lineage is to Rakahanga and Manihiki, so really, I'm just your typical "Hori/Cook Islander".

But you know what? As long as there are others who like myself disagree with all this MOP "development fund" proposal stands for, we shall stand together united against absolute, and irrational idiocy.

Do you really believe we will be willing to assume this $300 million "soft loan" as a national debt to our tiny nation and our people, on behalf of the MOP Juggernaut, and others who are similarly minded?  Now you should prove to all of us that you're not just full of hot air. My suggestion to you is really quite simple: As a seemingly major Rarotongan landowner with lineage to Pa Ariki, Kainuku Ariki, Makea A- riki, Vakatini Ariki and Tinomana Ariki, why don't you collectively bundle up some of your huge Ariki titled lands to the value of say $400-500 million, and act as personal guarantor for Tepaki and Webb's proposal (instead of our people and our country!), then our nation will honour and bless you.

You can then happily give the MOP connections your $300 million to “invest”.

Put your own money where your mouth is, not the nation's!

The reality is you wouldn't guarantee anyone to use that money let alone MOP, so why should we, our tiny and fragile paradise nation, want to willingly bankrupt ourselves!

However much profit MOP will make together with you and your Ariki whanau, as guarantors for their "Pie in the Sky" proposal, your people and country will simply say "Good luck to you, for you really do deserve all that you get, with your joint-venture proposal with Tepaki's MOP.

Papa Williams

PS: Read the book “Matini”. Cyclone Martin was a killer; I was there when it struck in 1997. This month’s Hurricane Irma is phenomenally bigger and more destructive. We’ve all seen the TV footage. The future? Connect the dots, Mata!

Papa Williams