Dangerous driver sets bad example

Wednesday September 13, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I have a contribution to CI News’ occasional “driver of the week” award.

Recently was shocked to experience the hasty and unsafe driving of a teacher after picking up my child from school. 
My child recognised the car and the teacher, who tried to overtake me and the rubbish truck and trailer in front of me, right on a blind corner. 
The teacher had to cut in quickly between myself and the trailer due to another car coming around the bend. Once this car had passed the teacher pulled out to pass again while on another bend clearly marked with double yellow lines, but was prevented from doing this by oncoming traffic at the last moment, and cut in front of me again. This continued for three more bends with yellow lines. 
I remarked that maybe they were in a hurry to make the bank, and thought they should have online banking, but no to my astonishment, the teacher’s car just pulled up at the local shop.  And this after speeding, and dangerously overtaking illegally.
For my child, this was the worst case of driving and role modelling for them to witness, and worst of all, it was a papa'a driver, who should have known better. 
When you hold a position of leadership of young minds you have a duty to be and act responsibly at all times, especially when it can endanger the lives of yourself and especially others.
Drive Safely
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