Paint job wrecks history

Tuesday September 12, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I was pleased recently to see the replacement and installation of new bus shelters in the Matavera area.


They were painted a cream colour and looked very nice – well until someone the very next day defaced the one outside the orange shop with a black felt tip marker, that is.

These two shelters are a great result of action that can benefit locals and tourists by providing shelter from sun and rain at any time of the day or night. 

Then later, as I drove past the Edgewater, I cried out in alarm when I saw someone had painted the iconic red with white hibiscus bus shelter under the Flamboyant tree the same cream colour.

In Matavera it looked clean and new. In Arorangi it took the place of what I felt was a photographic piece of our island history and colour. The old sign has been placed back on top, but the shelter now has lost its personality and artistic attraction. I see there is still a shelter with the same pattern on the golf course, if only it could be used to replace the tragedy outside the Edgewater. 

Art has a way of lifting the spirits and I and other photographers in the past have found this particular scene when the flamboyant tree is in flower to be one of simple inspiration, now lost to us all.

Ruth Horton

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