Tim Tepaki misses the point, says Turia

Tuesday September 12, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

True to form and as expected, Tepaki has responded to my article but once again completely misses the point.


Sorry Tim, you’ve lost the plot again and gone personal. And that’s the problem. Stop whinging and making out that you’re something that you’re not. Actions speak louder than words, Tim so get on with it and convert the talk into actions.

For your information, I have done my research on the Chinese Funds and was there from the beginning. As for your false accusations that I embarrassed you, sorry my friend, you embarrassed yourself when they met you. Their exact words: “Why are we talking with this idiot?”

As for me wanting to take over the leadership of One Cook Islands from Teina Bishop, I don’t need to, I’m already there as part of a great team, so stop fabricating. As for my sacking, what sacking Tim?

We all resigned because you couldn’t afford to pay us when your initial involvement with the Sheraton went belly-up. Remember? I have a list of names of those who pledged loyalty to you but you did the dirty on them as well and didn’t pay them when things didn’t go your way.

I have no further intention of engaging in a media fight with you so I will not respond to anymore of your negative insinuations. My point as stated previously Tim, your concept is good but stop the bull**** and start being honest. Let government make the statements instead of you making false promises and changing the goalpost every time with your project concept, which you know you may not be able to keep.

            Happy dreaming!

            George Turia


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