Send them packing!

Monday July 17, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I am writing to ask the question to those in government: Who is responsible for the deportation of workers from abroad who break the law and are found guilty in court?


I don’t want the government to tell us Cook Islanders that we don’t have the money to pay their one-way fare back to their respective countries.

We don’t want these guilty criminals to be stranded here in Rarotonga. If these foreigners break the law and are found guilty, they should be sent back to where they come from. Surely they have some income from their employers to help cover the costs of their fare back home?

Whatever the case, please don’t keep them here. We already have enough on our own hands to deal with our own naughty law-breakers.

We have lots of good foreigners working here in the Cook Islands and the ones that break the law should be deported to show others that we don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour. 

            Please Consider

            (Name and address supplied)


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