Come on Unionist,show us the way...

Thursday July 13, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Your newspapers of July 3,5 and 6 have letters from Unionist spelling out how awful it is for foreign workers working here in the Cooks.


The writer uses words such as “abuse” and “slavery”.

When I read the first letter, I was quite surprised this person knew so much about how foreign and local workers are being treated here. I thought the writer must have been one of these workers, or had done a lot of research. It seemed that the writer now knows what is required and should, in my opinion take up the workers’ cause, become a spokesperson for these workers, do the correct thing and go to the authorities regarding the issues raised in the letters.

Writing to CI News is a good start for greater public awareness, but also brings speculation and innuendo about the businesses that Unionist writes about. 

I must applaud Bill Doherty of Landholdings for suggesting that Unionist gets in touch with him and discusses these matters openly.

Then Unionist goes on and on and on – June 5,6 and 10. By now I am sure this topic has gone “viral” and many will be talking about this in church. Yep, you said it Unionist, they’ll be talking about it in the bars, homes and on the sports fields.

So though you continue to write to CI News, why haven’t you shown your true grit by revealing your name? Alternatively, why haven’t you taken this further and gone to the correct authorities. If you get no luck there, then call for the strikes that I read between the lines you are looking for!

But Unionist, I do hope it does not come to this sort of action, the kind unions all over the world are known for inciting. If you truly want to help, then why did you write in the July 10 issue of CI News that it’s the workers’ fault for not coming forward.

You have provoked this situation and now it’s your time to help these poor souls you write about. So stand up and let’s see you do something about this problem.

Don’t discard them in the manner you say Cook Islands businesses do!

            Dawn Baudinet


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