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Samoa visit costs of concern

Saturday June 14, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Tom Marsters Tom Marsters

Dear Editor, Last week on CITV’s Te Rongo Veka the Secretary to the Queen’s Representative, Anthony Brown, advised that the Queen’s Representative, his wife and the QR’s Vice-Regal Party would be attending an anniversary celebrations at Samoa’s Avele College this week.


Although the QR’s Office is to be commend for being transparent about this week-long visit to Samoa by the QR and his entourage, could the QR’s Office provide further details to the public about this visit, particularly in relation to the full cost to the taxpayers of this

country? We all know that the air ticket cost to travel to and from Samoa via Auckland is not cheap.  The same goes for first-grade accommodation in that country, which the QR and his entourage would undoubtably be expected to stay in.  It is not cheap.

At a time when many people in this country are struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills, I fail to understand how the Office of the Queen’s Representative can justify using taxpayers funds to send such a large delegation to Samoa to celebrate a particular school’s anniversary.  Taxpayers’ money well spent?  I certainly do not believe so.