No party-hopping please

Tuesday June 10, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Parliament of the Cook Islands. Parliament of the Cook Islands.

Dear Editor, I would like to ask any Government that wins and run the nation or our small paradise – do what you have to, to do good for our nation during your term in power.

To the opposition – allow the elected government to perform their tasks and in good will; so for us the people to witness and be satisfied with the elected government’s performance.

Once or just on the last six months before the expiry of the current government term ends, we, the people, will be the judge and executioners on how they have performed.

I would prefer that the people (voters) decide the fate of the ruling Government and not for them to be decided by “snap elections” and so on. I, myself, voted my selected party for them to run the “full term” and until the next election is valid.

And lastly – to the Members of Parliament, I voted you to be my candidate in the selected party that I put my pen on voting day. I did not put my pen mark on your name to “Jump Party”. My pen mark is very important on the next election day. Good luck candidates.


(Name and address supplied)

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