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Saturday June 07, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Prime Minister Henry Puna. 14040213 Prime Minister Henry Puna. 14040213

Dear Editor, Readers of your paper would seem unimpressed with the challenge extended by the CIP to the Demos for a public debate.

The essence of the matter is that, despite the opportunity to debate the serious issues that face this country in the rightful democratic forum – the Parliament – it was this government that decided that they would dissolve Parliament without a debate as to whether or not the hasty move by the PM was at all prudent and in the best interest of the country or an attempt at saving face.

When such challenges are made, despite the forum available to do so publicly and within the rule of Parliament and always for the CIP, after all they are the government and can call Parliament together anytime; this simply appears as a shallow attempt to try to regain lost ground on the botch-up of running the affairs of this country.

The country is tired of the pomposity and puffed-up display of politicians, and this Government really takes the prize on that. Do they think that voters would be fooled by such posturing?

Voters would much prefer a transparent and honest government that has proper well laid out plans, peer reviewed and evaluated for economic and social development. The rest of the show-boating, extensive holidays and travel, they do not. Therefore I write to congratulate and applaud the Leader of the Opposition for his decision to decline the public debate challenge by the CIP on those grounds.

As a member of the voting public who truthfully cares about the issues facing this country, I would propose a Q and A method in a written format so that the answers provided by the various parties are both deliberate and well considered so that the opportunity for a proper and earnest examination can be made by the public and the veracity and truthfulness observed.


Q. Will the Prime Minister please tell the nation his sole reason for calling a snap election?

A. “As I have publicly stated already, the sole reason for my decision to call an early election is no other than to give the government and people of the Cook Islands adequate time to prepare and budget for the forthcoming golden jubilee constitution celebrations. We have plans for celebrations throughout the year 2015 and this is the sole reason for calling an early election”. (PM Henry Puna on April 18, 2014).

Q. Can the Prime Minister please tell the nation that although former CIP and MP George Maggie was sacked from his party, Teina Bishop, despite of the very serious allegations of corruption and who, it seems, was the ring leader of the coup has not? Is this an endorsement by the CIP of both the corruption allegations and insubordination?

A. The nation eagerly awaits your truthful answer, Prime Minister!

Veritas Curat   

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