Voters are disillusioned

Friday May 23, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Voters are disillusioned, says this letter writer. 13091920 Voters are disillusioned, says this letter writer. 13091920

Dear Editor, The most recent Cook Islands Herald publication suggests that the public turnout to recent political rallies has declined sharply as a result of candidates refraining from handing out “treats” to supporters. 

This view is utterly nonsense.

Contrary to the Herald's perspective, it is the strong-held view of this writer that the dwindling numbers of supporters attending political rallies can largely be put down to the general public having a gutsful of national politics as we know it.

The growing mistrust of most politicians; the overall lack of confidence in politicians and their parties to deliver on their numerous commitments, pledges and promises;the excessive global travel by political leaders; the increasing levels of poor governance;, and the general feeling that whichever political party wins the right to govern will not make a real difference to the lives of the tangata rikiriki, are probably the real reasons why so many voters are fed up and shy away from supporting a political party or individual.

Of course this has not been helped by what many see as a poorly performed CIP-led government over the past four years.  Promising truckloads before they came into power, this CIP government has failed to deliver even the most basic of services throughout the country, such as an affordable and reliable domestic shipping service, decent roads, clean and reliable water supply and other essential infrastructure.

It is of little wonder that the outward flow of disillusioned Cook Islanders desiring a better life in NZ and Australia continues unabated and is testament to the growing levels of dissatisfaction amongst the general population when it comes to the politics of the land.  And can you blame them?

Toketoke enua

(Name and address supplied)

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