Basic human rights ignored

Monday May 26, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Dr. Paula Gerber. Dr. Paula Gerber.

Dear Editor, I applaud Dr Paula Gerber for voicing her concerns regarding churches and missionaries targeting the Pacific to push their homophobic message regarding the rights of the gay community.

These missionaries are ignoring basic human rights and are simply trying to regain patriarchal control over the people by promoting intolerance, bias and hatred.

In many countries the legal rights of all people are based on equality and respect for all regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Why is your government not promoting human rights for all their people? And shame on those churches who preach God’s love while ostracising and treating with hatred those of their congregation whose lifestyle does not conform with their outdated beliefs.

Are they so ignorant that they do not recognise worldwide acceptance that one is born homosexual, it is not something that you catch like a disease!!  And that about 10 per cent of the population is gay?

How many of those parents who would reject their children, who ostracise anyone who is “different”, have themselves committed adultery, child abuse or even worse? Such hypocrisy is by far the greater sin.

Louise O’Leary

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