Binge drinking and name suppression

Friday May 23, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Ministry of Justice Cook Islands. 12081330 Ministry of Justice Cook Islands. 12081330

It was with great interest that I read JP Tui Short’s (an ex teacher and top Government official) decision to grant name suppression to an ‘elderly’ man who was in court because of driving under the influence of alcohol.

In court, Mr Short stated that, although we have mainly NZ laws, he can deviate from such laws (as he sees fit) and apply CI sentiments, if he pleases.

So, contrary to what seems to have been law until now, he grants name suppression to this chap charged with drunken driving.

This decision must be welcome by us elderly binge drinkers; after all we have just recently been declared the number one binge drinking nation in the world by the UN as reported in the international press. According to Tui Short’s decision, we (elderly) can now have our usual drinks, step in or onto a motor vehicle and drive off, causing possible hazards, accidents or even worse; without having to fear that our names will be published in the newspaper. Great news and it sounds almost unreal were it not the decision of one of our respected JPs.

As I consider myself an elderly citizen (they call me Papa Fred here)  I can now go and binge drink anytime and drive home without fear of having my respected name published.  I just hope any possible court case of mine will be heard by sympathetic JP Tui Short, brother of a respected lawyer. Sir, can you extend this courtesy to elders who commit other crimes, please?

Or is Tui’s decision universal amongst local JPs, and only for drink/driving crimes??

Binge drinker

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