Wrong time to give away public money

Friday May 16, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Minister Mark Brown presents a cheque for $60,000 to Netball Cook Islands last week. 14051506 Minister Mark Brown presents a cheque for $60,000 to Netball Cook Islands last week. 14051506

Dear Editor, Mark Brown’s Government sponsorship of netball is highly questionable at this time from a political angle as it smacks of double standards.

It’s so easy for him during this election period to grant $60,000 to netball but he couldn’t do the same to the six pensioners who had their bank accounts raided by his tax officials, to the tune of $60,000 too.

Don’t get me wrong, netball and sports is good for our country but our pensioners are the grandparents, so to speak, of those netballers. So who has priority, netball or our old people?

This is where Mark Brown’s priorities and thinking are all haywire.

From the start he has embarked on an anti-pension or Greypower vendetta and then, after getting a big back lash from the public, he tries to soften things up by saying, “I will refund your money”.

Up to date, still no-one refunded, except for one pensioner from Aitutaki, reimbursed by real CIP diehard Teina Bishop. Teina has the true CIP aroa heart and not Mark Brown. Let me say this to Mark Brown, people are not dumb and they will not forget what false election promises the CIP made in 2010. It’s happening again. Back in 2010 the CIP said they would not increase taxes; no VAT increase and no asset sales (Telecom). Now we all know it’s a complete lie – a bit like his leader saying that I dissolved Parliament because of the 50th Self Government Anniversary. We all know the real reason.

Trust is something that money cannot buy; to earn trust one must stick to one’s word, be honest and have integrity.

This Government seems to play with people’s lives as if it’s a toy, with no real care and humanitarian virtues. It’s no wonder that Teina Bishop and Maggie jumped ship and left the CIP. There should be no more Government sponsorships during this election period, in my view’ it’s only vote buying as a last resort to hold onto power. Enough is enough.

Concerned Taxpayer


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