No need for two vehicles

Sunday May 18, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
MP Kiriau Turepu. 13010817 MP Kiriau Turepu. 13010817

Dear Editor, Kiriau Turepu’s public explanation a few weeks back endeavoured to justify why he is entitled to the full use of two taxpayer’s vehicles.

However, action needs to happen immediately to take at least one of these vehicles away from him.

Minister or whatever, it is simply wrong for Kiriau to enjoy the luxury of driving two Government-owned vehicles (one brand-new four-wheel drive Mazda double cab ute and one plush, salon style four-door sedan car, which he parks at home), whenever he feels like it.

So rather than put the feeble, vulnerable and tangata rikiriki such as the elderly pensioners and part-time market vendors on the MFEM hit-list to squeeze money out of in order to satisfy meeting this Government’s insatiable appetite to spend, spend and spend, may I suggest this Government move to curb its wasteful spending, including the selling of “dead” assets such as one of the two vehicles that Kiriau drives around.

With the general elections looming closer by the day, one would expect all Cabinet Ministers to lead by example and be on best behaviour in an effort to appease voters.  Obviously not in this particular case!

Dismayed voter

(Name and address supplied)

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