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Dear editor,

Can I ask the Speaker of Parliament as to why the extra $200,000 was appropriated for MP Travel and Allowances (local and overseas), and why the Civil List has been topped up by $30,000 for Constituency Visits, in the supplementary budget passed last Wednesday?

Dear Editor;

Fact number 1: We waited, and waited, and waited for a cancellation, but it was not cancelled until day three of the tournament, when we were already in Hawaii. We specifically asked for a postponement and was left wanting.

It was encouraging to hear the Minister of Finance urging consumers during these difficult times to support local businesses in order to sustain livelihoods and maintain business continuity and economic activity. I certainly hope that we will see this translate, where eggs are concerned, into a rationalisation of that market.

I, along with most Cook Islanders, are very impressed with government and NGOs precautionary measures to prevent Covid-19 getting here. And response of people adhering to the rules is also impressive.

We note kind words from our people regarding government’s pro-active actions to help cushion the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kia orana editor

During the coronavirus crises lots of people and companies have given back to their communities. I have observed that employees (but not the government ones), employers, Vodafone and Te Aponga have all made money contributions and have made those public.

Dear editor,

It is sad that we took too long to act on the pandemic threat posed by coronavirus – a threat already well established throughout the world and yet even up until a few weeks ago we were still dithering on the matter of allowing cruise ships to offload their passengers onto our pristine islands.

Dear editor, ​

Can I congratulate Cabinet minister George ‘Maggie' Angene (Tupapa-Maraerenga) and Mitiaro MP Tuakeu Tangatapoto, for voting against the Transport Amendment Bill on Wednesday night. ​

Ellena Tavioni: Facemasks

Thursday March 26, 2020

Kia orana editor,

First of all, excellent news in regard to government package.

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