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Dear Editor,

Your report, "Police arrested 'wrong assailant'" (Feb 2) raises some searching questions.

Dear editor,

With legislation in the pipeline with respect to improving road safety and reducing the number of motorcycle fatalities, and the ongoing debate regarding the wearing or not of crash helmets, I would like to suggest a way forward.

Andy Olah: Attitude on the roads

Saturday February 22, 2020

Dear editor,

Much has been written and said about the carnage on our roads, mainly caused by speed and driving while under the influence.

What a great inspiration you will be to many; I love reading stories like this as I’m a proud Cookie (“Michael Metuakore dancing with the stars”, Feb 8).

I am so proud of you as will be many. I think any Cook Islander who goes outside the box is very inspiring – who would have thought?

You, that’s who. You made it through – congratulations.

I’m sure somewhere along the way we will be related, especially on our Marsters side. William Marsters is my three greats grandfather on my dad’s side, aue!

You are so right about the Cook Islands capital of New Zealand, TOKZ,

Love and light to you, God bless. Shine on all the way from Mangere, Akarana.

Kia orana e kia manuia,

Dora John Cecil


I always believed you could do it, and I hoped for nothing but the best for you, as you are a beautiful soul both inside and out.

So happy and proud of your achievements. Good luck for your future accomplishments.

Not sure if you remember me, teacher aide in your maths class, when you came to Forest View High School.

Always following what is happening and where you going, so proud and pleased for you.


Lorraine (Lucky) Stowers

Kia orana editor, On behalf of the Koutu Nui and in support of the Ui Ariki through the Kaumaiti, we did not and will not support any name change such as Atea as described by Danny Mataroa.

We will only support a national referendum in the future due to the high financial and economic costs associated with a name change. 

Te Atua te Aroa 

Terea Mataiapo Paul Raui Allsworth
President, Koutu Nui 

Dear editor,

A simple google search of the word “Atea” suggests this word is already used by others and confusion with regard to translation and copyright might be an issue.

Dear Editor,

It is very sad that every time there is a serious bike accident, the “everyone must wear a helmet” brigade come screaming out of the woodwork, demanding the government impose more laws and restrictions on all motorcycle users.

Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai held a courtesy information evening at Turangi Meeting House for landholders and interested people. They presented options for “Centralised, reticulated wastewater scheme for Muri area”. This is prior to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Dear editor,

Tougher laws are not going to stop law-breakers from dying on our roads. The fatal accidents are due to people not obeying the existing laws that are there to protect them.

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