E vaka tatou e ko tatou te vaka

E vaka tatou e ko tatou te vaka

The vaka is us, and we are the vaka.

Playing it safe Are we as a community taking care of our own safety, and our young people?

In a Cook Islands News poll of more than 100 Cook Islanders last month, most vowed to stamp out drink-driving, speeding and riding scooters without helmets.

Let’s unite against drugs

The Meth Menace Campaign has captured  good positive reactions from the public. 

Editorial: MPs do their job, however long it takes

Business at Vili’s Golden Wok takeaways has been good this week. That’s because they’re next door to the Cook Islands News, where our staff have been working late into the night.

Connivingly greedy to push pay rise

Dear Editor,

Last week’s CINews letter, ‘Embarrassing to hear the Demos’ by Get Real(GR) dodges the real point of my letter, the MPs’ pay rise issue.

Letters to the Editor

‘Lofty transparency  objective will fail’

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals

Virtues in Paradise

Young teachers hold hope for the future