Editorial: First priority not taking a No 2

Editorial: First priority not taking a No 2

OPINION: The notorious editor of The Sun tabloid newspaper once took a phone call from the UK Prime Minister John Major, who was worried about what criticism he might face over his handling of a financial crisis

Resolve to dump resolutions

It’s time to reflect on those things that give us strength, vibrance and a sense of self, says Thomas Wynne.

Letters: Vaka ideal for sailing to islands

Dear Editor,

Maybe there is another opportunity to utilise double hulled vaka like Marumaru Atua and the likes as another option as a teaching vessel for traditional ocean voyaging and to ship small amounts of cargo to the outer islands.

Letters: More pressing issues than pageants

Dear editor,

1.Legal blood alcohol limits - lessen it for certain age groups!

Ruth Mave: Dreaming of a simple Christmas

OPINION: When the nativity scene is depicted in traditional paintings, for example, it is always with soft glowing light. In the manger there’s hay, and animals including cows.

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Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals