Journalism Tour: A long trip to the beach in Hawai’i

Journalism Tour: A long trip to the beach in Hawai’i


After a week of hustle and bustle for the US visa, I finally made it to Honolulu, Hawaii, for the first leg of the East West Center’s Pacific Islands Journalism Reporting Tour, funded by the US State Department.

Editorial: Smart parents protect us from measles

Cook Islanders spend a lot of time and money flying to New Zealand for healthcare.

Letters: Something fishy going on with PM

OPINION: Dear editor, I want to ask the Prime Minister if he likes to eat tinned fish? I know I don't, but that is all I can afford and even then it is very expensive.

Christians with liquor stores are hypocrites

Dear editor,

Praise the Lord and kia orana!

Opinion: All we’re saying is, give peas a chance

I think seared tuna is a God-given miracle. I love a pork stir-fry. And there’s still something comforting about an old-fashioned roast chicken on a cold night.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Pastor’s late-night musings

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals