Editorial: ‘The future of our children is in our hands’

Tuesday June 11, 2019 Written by Published in Editorials

When we first highlighted the the emerging methamphetamine problem in the Cooks, we  had no idea just how personal the battle was for many families.

Cook Islands News publisher John Woods announced we would work with health and social services providers to pull together a leadership group, to develop solutions. Not just treating the dangerous drug as a criminal problem, but also helping our families, and their desperately-ill loved ones.

Woods was the first to speak of his battle with the drug. Since then, we’ve received many calls from regular Cook Islanders, even prominent Cook Islanders, telling tales of addiction they’d previously been ashamed to disclose. Their stories embolden others to speak out – and empower those families trying to rescue sons and daughters.

Senior MPs from both sides of the Parliament have promised to work alongside Cook Islands News to combat meth. Democratic Party MP Selina Napa has called a meeting at 6 o’clock tomorrow night in Muri, to discuss the next steps.

There are those who have warned of the problem for months and years. Reuben Tylor wrote in this paper about his own nephew’s meth addiction.

We pay our respects to those like Tylor who have shown their tough love for victims. Last night, Tylor told me it was encouraging to see the the community recognise the importance of stopping meth before it is too late. “We all must understand the future of our children and grandchildren is in our hands.” 

Now is the time for all of us to consider how we can help.

Jonathan Milne

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