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OPINION: I was meeting someone at Rarotonga airport, when I encountered a frustrated American tourist having a bit of a nightmare. Her bank had got the time zones confused (or some such) and hadn’t yet transferred her money orders, so she had no spending cash.

Miss Cook Islands Tajiya Sahay’s reaction when her name was called out among the top 12 contestants of the Miss World, said it all.

When one looks at some of the millinery abominations that are worn to Royal weddings and other European and US society nuptials, it’s easy to see why exasperated leaders might have banned headwear from the world’s parliamentary chambers.

It’s easy to casually throw around words like “strong”, like “brave”, even “hero”. But for New Zealand High Commissioner Tessa Temata, who died in office this week, these words carry real meaning.

The flood sales and so-called Black Friday are behind us; Christmas and Boxing Day and New Year’s sales lie ahead.

As children, we all knew the song: London Bridge is falling down.

Though they are similar sizes and populations, the islands of Waiheke and Rarotonga are very different. Rarotonga has its famous azure lagoons, its warm and cohesive community and its centuries-old cultural heritage.

Editorial: Another road death

Monday November 18, 2019

A day after the conclusion of the Drink Driving Education Programme, four motorcycle accidents occurred on Saturday night, one being fatal.

Times were, an English gentlemen who ran down a beggar in the street with his horse and trap could get off by pleading that he was under the influence of gin.

Today we remember that at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the British-led Allies and the German-led Triple Alliance signed an Armistice to end the Great War.

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