Moana Moeka'a: Huge relief to see strength of opinion against helmets

Saturday May 30, 2020 Written by Moana Moeka'a Published in Editorials
Moana Moeka'a: Huge relief to see strength of opinion against helmets

OPINION: I turned up to Constitution Park on Friday at 11.29am. There was only the police sergeant waiting in a white truck.

I donned my vest shortly after and there was no sign of life.

At 11.39am the first two motorcyclists turned up. Then there was a steady stream of motorcyclists that continued into the park until the 'convoy' entered the main road at 12.15pm.

It was a huge relief to get onto the road yesterday. I walked alongside the rally instead of going on my bike.

It was a day that started with feeding the pigs in the dark at 6.30am, followed by two interviews at different radio stations.  ​

It had been a hectic week -- getting up at 4am each day, learning how to post on Facebook, re-writing media releases, taking calls from people and dealing with the police ... the first thing I wanted to do after Friday's rally was to have a nap.

But there was still an opinion piece to write, and a TV interview to fulfil! ​

Those who turned up to the rally were Cook Islands residents who feel very passionately about the motorcycle helmet issue.

One man pushed papers of his writings into my hands and told me how much he felt about the issue. Another asked whether civil disobedience is being considered as a last option. ​

All I can say is that Cook Islanders are having the conversations that should have happened before the legislation was passed in Parliament in March.

Long may that continue. ​

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