Mata Puia-Huch: Economic package is a smart response

Tuesday May 26, 2020 Written by Mata Puia-Huch, Raro IT Solutions Published in Editorials
Mata Puia-Huch. Mata Puia-Huch.

OPINION: I was thrilled to see the SMART Economy initiative announced as part of phase 2 of the Covid-19 economic response plan.

The incentive to support commercial businesses providing innovative ICT applications and services is the one of the greatest investments to help boost our economy. 

In addition, this initiative will assist with creating more jobs, increase productivity, reduce risk and boosts morale by upskilling our people into the ICT sector.

Investing in IT brings numerous business benefits and ought to be more recognised as a real return on investment. Up-to-date systems, with IT security as a priority, provide peace of mind and increased functionality. 

Overall, IT costs can be lower when a business or government department conducts regular yearly reviews of its critical systems and makes any necessary investment, to avoid the need to spend much larger amounts when systems are long overdue for an upgrade.

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