Danny Mataroa: Economic Package put workers on farms

Tuesday May 26, 2020 Written by Danny Mataroa, Te Tango Enua Growers Association Published in Editorials
Danny Mataroa. Danny Mataroa.

OPINION: I think it’s a good package but for a lot of growers, because they are small farmers, it has been difficult for them to go through the registration phase.

The only day they get their income is on Saturday at the market which straightaway goes to buying seeds, manure, and other things. It’s difficult for them to keep receipts and track of transactions.

I understand some of them didn’t even qualify for phase one because they were unable to register.

Also I know for the fact some of the workers, especially those working at hotels and getting wage subsidy, are at home doing nothing.

I understand the hotels may be running out of work so I request them to contact me so I can give them a list of about 260 farmers who badly need some labour but can’t afford it.

The only way to stimulate the economy like the Deputy Prime Minister was saying is through production – we have the ability to do that.

If government is going to continue paying these people for not doing anything, they should stop.

We would really appreciate some help because we are in this together.

No one deserves free money except the children, our senior citizens and those who can’t work.

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