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OPINION: Our markets and street food are spectacular; woe betide any ‘poo police’ who threaten to shut them down for no good reason.

OPINION: Business tycoons, farmers, public servants, sportsmen and women, doctors, policemen, composers, musicians and our share of miscreants, rogues and villains – it’s time to celebrate their best of Cook Islands.

OPINION: The Monty Python movie, The Meaning of Life has a scene where the obese Mr Creosote is eating in the restaurant.

OPINION: Atiu has received a very welcome visitor raising awareness of the gathering climate crisis. His name is Stan Walker.

Govt must invest in shipping

Thursday January 16, 2020


“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

That famous line is from the movie Jaws – but the passenger shipping challenge facing Cook Islands government is bigger than any shark.

OPINION: The vicious rift in the Royal Family may seem a long way away in Britain – but as long as the Queen or her offspring are head of state of Cook Islands, it impacts here.

OPINION: The notorious editor of The Sun tabloid newspaper once took a phone call from the UK Prime Minister John Major, who was worried about what criticism he might face over his handling of a financial crisis

BCI SUMMER IN PARADISE CONTEST: Back at work after three weeks’ holiday, I’m easily distracted, and one thing will do it for sure: photos of my kids enjoying their summer break.

OPINION: I was meeting someone at Rarotonga airport, when I encountered a frustrated American tourist having a bit of a nightmare. Her bank had got the time zones confused (or some such) and hadn’t yet transferred her money orders, so she had no spending cash.

Miss Cook Islands Tajiya Sahay’s reaction when her name was called out among the top 12 contestants of the Miss World, said it all.

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