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OPINION: Precautionary principle and best practise should be rigorously applied when dealing with deep sea mining, and this is what local discussion should focus on.

OPINION: We need leaders who understand and listen to us, who represent our needs and can walk in our shoes.

OPINON: While a virus sweeps the world, here in Cook Islands, we are celebrating life with a joy which is inspiring. By Christopher Watkins, Australian High Commissioner to Cook Islands.

OPINION: Potential history in the making as seven Cook Islanders contest for a place in New Zealand Parliament.

OPINION: Don’t believe all you see or read – real eyes, realise, real lies.

OPINION: A leader is someone who takes seriously the responsibility of developing and finding room for the potential of others.

OPINION: The apparent move to abolish the Koutu Nui will be seen as another nail in the coffin for traditionalists.

OPINION: Pacific people are leaders on the global stage, connected by our vast Blue Pacific in a way that land-based continents can never be. 

OPINION: Let’s hope it doesn’t take 100 years for us to accept our nation’s best leaders may be Rainbow People.

OPINION: Former Prime Minister Henry Puna stated this week in his valedictory speech that history itself will judge the works of a man’s life and political career – be they for good or for not so good.

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