More about faith and Christianity

More about faith and Christianity

Monday’s letter from “Unionist,” printed in Monday’s CINews, is quite incorrect.

Outcome of game clear before it started

The writing was on the wall that the Cook Islands was going to have a tough game against Tahiti. 

Burning plastic a headache for visitors

Along with a couple of hundred other delegates, I attended an international fisheries conference last week at the National Auditorium in Avarua. 

In support of new lagoon cruise on Aitutaki

Re Saturday’s smoke signaller who asked why Koka Lagoon Cruises is taking its business to Aitutaki. 

Anthem change ‘embarrassing’

Puna Rakanui, Clerk of the House of Ariki has sure got the “conversation going” on changing the national anthem’s lyrics!

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Smoke Signals

Virtues in Paradise