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Be prepared in case big storms hit us

Wednesday October 31, 2018

With three cyclones predicted to approach the Cook Islands this cyclone season it is time to do a check list of how prepared you and your family are for an emergency situation.

Bad weather a good warning

Wednesday October 31, 2018

The bad weather caused by strong anti-cyclonic winds moving east across the Pacific Ocean is expected to start clearing up from today, says Cook Islands Meteorological Service director Arona Ngari.

Cooks’ elevated risk of cyclones

Thursday October 25, 2018

Cook Islands faces two to three named cyclones in the next months.

Climate change is a major source of concern for the government and protecting key infrastructure from rising waters and weather events is on its radar.

Met service has a say at Fiji meeting

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Met service director Arona Ngari earlier this month attended a weather conference in Fiji where he contributed to discussions on education training for Met Service personnel, particularly in the maritime and aviation industries.

Hail hits Mauke a second time

Tuesday August 14, 2018

People on Mauke are baffled after hail fell on the island for the second time this year, on Sunday night.

The Cook Islands is at risk of a high level of “water stress” as a result of abnormally low rainfall predicted over the next three months, says New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

Cook Islands Meteorological Service director Arona Ngari will be guest speaker at the USP-Plus organisation’s regular evenings this month.

Weather system upgrade

Monday June 25, 2018

Members of the Solid Waste Management Committee and the Water, Waste and Sanitation Unit (WATSAN) of the Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands made the long hike to the summit of Te Kou on Thursday, to upgrade a weather-reading system.

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