Substandard housing means a large number of homes on Atiu could be damaged if a cyclone struck the island.

Braced for possibility of cyclones

Thursday December 18, 2014

As the Cook Islands braces for an active cyclone season, key stakeholders have met to ensure the country is fully prepared.

Cyclone risk ‘elevated’

Saturday November 15, 2014

8 to 12 cyclones expected in Southern Cook Islands

July drier than last year

Thursday August 07, 2014

Many people have been calling last month one of the wettest Julys in years but a report from the Met Service suggests otherwise.

Chance of better weather

Tuesday August 05, 2014

After a week of wet and cold weather, things look to be on the improve.

Coldest temperature in 40 years

Thursday July 31, 2014

It might not be considered cold in many countries, but a temperature of 13.7 degrees Celsius in Rarotonga on Sunday was the island’s lowest since 1975.

Bad weather, no Trade Day

Wednesday July 30, 2014

Miserable and muddy conditions have forced today’s Trade Day event to be cancelled, but shoppers looking for that uniquely Cook Islands gift and food braved the weather yesterday.

El Nino to blame for bad weather

Thursday July 17, 2014

If you’ve been grumbling about the recent cool temperatures, endless rain and lack of sunshine, blame it on El Nino.

Cold weather in Rarotonga

Tuesday July 01, 2014

A cool wind from the south forced many locals in Rarotonga to reach for an extra sweater over the weekend.

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