Cook Islands escape worst of Tropical Cyclone Tino

Monday January 20, 2020 Written by Published in Weather
Boys just wanted to have fun in the high tide by Trader Jacks on Sunday. 20011907. Boys just wanted to have fun in the high tide by Trader Jacks on Sunday. 20011907.

The Cook Islands were spared from the wrath of category two Tropical Cyclone Tino.

Even though the tropical cyclone was downgraded from category three to category two on Saturday morning it smashed Tuvalu, resulted in two people being reported missing after severe flooding in Fiji and left Nukualofa and Ha’apai in Tonga with serious damage to their infrastructure.

However, Tonga’s main island of Tongatapu was spared the full force of the cyclone.

Cyclone Tino was cause for more than a ripple at beaches on the East Cape, Gisborne and Hawke's Bay as well as the Bay of Plenty, eastern Coromandel and parts of Northland and Wairarapa.

But most of the weather front will miss New Zealand.

Arona Ngari, director at Cook Islands Meteorological Service said on Friday that forecasts predicted no serious threat to the Cook Islands, but the periphery of the system would certainly have an impact in the high winds and storm surges.

But after being caught off guard by the tail end of ex-Tropical Cyclone Sarai on New Year’s Day, locals were seen around Rarotonga boarding up their properties and clearing their yards of any loose debris in preparation for the cyclone.

Down at Avatiu wharf on Saturday, skippers pulled their boats out of the water and Te Kukupa was seen on the southern coast of Rarotonga.

In Avarua on Sunday, dozens of young people and their parents enjoyed a nice cool dip in the sea by Trader Jacks during high tide.


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